Thursday, March 12, 2009

Making the world a tiny bit better

For science we have been studying Ecology from our Modern Woodmen curriculum. We have been having a lot of fun learning about the earth around us and what we can do to make it a better place.

So for today we learned talked about how we can make a difference in our part of the world. With Earth Day coming up on April 22 we thought we would get a head start on making this better. We decided to collect all the trash along our little road.

Here is Daddy and Logan helping each other out. It worked out well that Daddy was home so he could help us. He was such a great helper.

Our road is only about a 1/2 mile long, so I thought it would take no time at all. Boy was I wrong, we only got to about 3/4 of our road and had 7 bags of garbage. We could not believe how much trash we found.

We had a lot of fun together as a family and felt good about the work that we had done. Our road looks very beautiful now.


Kristin said...

Nice work Gardners! Way to make the world a better place! I think even the goat lady would be proud.

Lynn said...

That's an awesome idea. I just found your site from Joys Of Home (isn't she clever?) I was wondering, how early did you start homeschooling your kids? I know I will be a regular on here now b/c I am obsessed with info. on this subject. I JUST started homeschooling my 4 yr. old son back in Feb. Do you have any words of wisdom for someone his age? How do I teach someone so young...are ther good guidebooks? Thanks.

My best, Lynn

Lynn said...

Sorry for the typo...

Megan said...

Looks like a lot of fun around your house. I love your Modern Woodsmen book! Good job picking up litter, it's shocking how much you can find in a small area, isn't it?