Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to School!

After a month off for Christmas/Snow break we are back in business with our normal school routine. It feels good to be back into a routine, even though the kids would probably not agree with me.
We started learning about ancient China this week. We studied about Genghis Khan and his rein of terror, followed by his Grandson Kublai Khan. Not so nice men. For our project we created Chinese Lanterns out of paper, yarn and the kids art work. We even wrote some Chinese characters on the lanterns. We also read a book about the Great China Wall. We all decided that was some place we would all like to travel to for a home school vacation.


Kristin said...

Ni How. That is so cool, you should try to go to the Chinese New Year celebrations in Seattle. The actually date falls on the 26th Jan. It is a mini celebration, but unforgetable. Dancing dragons, fireworks and usually a cultural show. It centers in an near Union Station in the International District. Free.